York Town Square

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The Pennsylvania Dutch Archives

What do raw Fastnachts look like? Todd Kister, at Manchester Union Fire Company, gives a demo. He was there as part of preparations for a Manchester Christ Lutheran/Zion View Quickel Church annual Shrove Tuesday Fastnacht sale.

This is how Lake Redman looked before it was Lake Redman. Lureen Brown provided these photos of that snowy York Township countryside as it looked in 1961. This photo looks across the hill as it comes down from Jacobus. Five years later, lake waters flooded this land. The boat landing at Lake Redman is roughly where the big hill meets the ridge, left center. Lureen Brown said if you’d stand in that field today: ‘You’d be under water.’

This view, looking north on South George Street shows York, Pa.’s, ‘Sauer Kraut Hill’ today. Edwin Greiman gave the boundaries of the largely German neighborhood in the late 1800s as running on South George Street between Maple and South streets. The district is hardly a hill but is part of the elevation as George Street rises from its Codorus Creek crossing. St. Mary’s Church is slightly north of Greiman’s boundaries. But this church, popular with German Catholics, attests to the German concentration in that part of York. Greiman’s ‘Memoirs’ show how Penn Park served as a playground for youngsters in the neighborhood.

This photograph of a cross-section of York County, Pa., residents appears in Life magazine in June 1944 with an article: ‘These Are the People Who Answer the Gallup Poll Questions.’ Yorkblogger June Lloyd found the article in York County Heritage Trust library files.

York, Pa., history mystery person: Wrong holiday. This isn’t Halloween garb, as maybe you thought at first. What holiday is this figure associated with, and what are figures such as this one commonly called?

The Amish and Mennonites fascinate folks but how often do you have an opportunity to increase your understanding of these Pennsylvania Dutch denominations? Old Order Amish and Mennonite historians who will discuss the topic of “Amish and Mennonite: History of Growing Faith Communities” on Monday, June 10, 7:00 PM at Martindale Mennonite Fellowship Center, in Ephrata, Lancaster County.

Distelfink Drive-in Restaurant was known as Sandoe’s Distelfink Drive-In on this postcard from York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News’ files. This picture from the undated postcard shows three cars from the early 1960s and one from the late 1950s. All this raises the question. What is a Distelfink?