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The late Roger Shaffer was an expert on his home area of Hanover Junction – and beyond. He left behind a body of work that tells us much about that important junction of the Hanover Branch Railroad and the Northern Central Railway (now the York County Heritage Rail Trail) and its successor railroads. The current edition of the Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society newsletter carries three articles penned by Shaffer that go beyond the well-known stories of how Abraham Lincoln passed to and from Gettysburg along this line. ‘The “Item” Review’ published this photo of an ore mine along the Hanover Branch that operated between 1850 and 1880. The Strickhouser Station stop along the Hanover Branch served as a shipping point for ore taken from such mines.

Picturing History examines this obscure building in Glen Rock, Pa. Actually, it’s has an interesting past as an early home to AMP in Pennsylvania. AMP moved work to Glen Rock in 1941, according to Jeffrey L. Rodengen’s ‘The Legenda of AMP’. He wrote, ‘… (Owner U.A.) Whitaker contracted with Paul Shepperd owner of a factory in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, just south of York. White was familiar with the town from his American Machine and Foundry days, when AMF had its Glen Mixer Division there, and he liked the area. The landscape reminded him of the rural Midwest, where he was raised, and the local workers seemed to adhere to a traditional work ethic.’ The photo at left shows Glen Rock’s AMP plant in the 1940s or 1950s. At right, Baumiller Automatic Screw & Precision Machined Parts operates today on the site of the former AMP plant.

The York County Science and Engineering Fair has become a rite of March in York County, Pa., Schools. It follows the school fairs, so it features the best of the best. A York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News stories recounts the story of the fair, which goes back to 1984. Thought that was the fair’s first year, it doesn’t mean science instruction wasn’t done in York County Schools. Check out the list of prominent scientists who come from York County, many with international reputations, as proof. One science teacher told the YDR that some York County students have moved to the national level – ‘a rare chance for kids to be treated like “rock stars.”

New Freedom, Pa.’s Ron Wolf is seen with new Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Sherman in 2000. Wolf has gained a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame, the second person with York County roots to do so. York High’s Chris Doleman was voted in last year.

Here’s another quiz resulting from YorkTownSquare’s initiative this year to remember community builders from York, Pa.’s past. Check out the comments about this mystery woman and you’ll find quite a tribute. My comment: ‘It seems the great people – … even from the generation that just passed – escape our individual and collective memories so quickly.’ But people do remember this builder. Karen Hostetter commented about our mystery guest, giving York photographer Bill Schintz credit for ‘capturing such a stunning portrait… .’ She wrote: ‘She will always be one of my favorite people and mentors. She used to tell us as young members of Women in Communications (now AWIC), “Don’t be a cookie cutter.” as she stood there in purple sunglasses and colorful striped skirt and top. (The mystery achiever) showed us how to be true to ourselves and not just in our attire.’

Here’s another wonderful York County, Pa., scene courtesy of Dianne Bowders – the old Raab’s School. It was one of about 300 one-room schools operating in the county before World War II. This classic little red school house gave way to regional elementary schools in the 1950s (see below). As for this photo, a commenter of Dianne Bowders’ Flickr account wrote: ‘Such clean and beautiful colours!!’

‘Journalists use phones, tablets, computers, cameras, notebooks, and pizza!’ Roundtown Elementary third-grade teacher Amy Musone wrote on Twitter. That’s right. All of these tools have their place in the modern journalists’ toolbox – and any journalist knows that you’re often fueled by pizza when chasing after stories. Bill Dissinger illustrated the multi-tasking world of a modern journalist.