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Before there was the Haines Shoe House, there was Brook Leaf Love Nest. The Shoe House (see below), now open as a bakery/ice cream shop under new management, followed the Love Nest as a honeymoon spot in York County, Pa. The Love Nest is long gone after a fire, but memories continue.

You can see from the likes, shares and comments on this York, Pa., Daily Record Facebook post that the Haines Shoe House, under new ownership and selling baked goods and more, has caught the interest of the public. (Feel free to join in). Mahlon ‘Shoe Wizard’ Haines built the roadside wonder in 1948 to serve, among other things, as a honeymoon place. It has become a symbol of York County, one of those places that people like to drive to and marvel. Now, there’s more of a chance to drop in. The new owners have expanded the attraction’s hours, plan tours and, as important as anything, will serve York County-made Beck’s Ice Cream.

The late Roger Shaffer was an expert on his home area of Hanover Junction – and beyond. He left behind a body of work that tells us much about that important junction of the Hanover Branch Railroad and the Northern Central Railway (now the York County Heritage Rail Trail) and its successor railroads. The current edition of the Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society newsletter carries three articles penned by Shaffer that go beyond the well-known stories of how Abraham Lincoln passed to and from Gettysburg along this line. ‘The “Item” Review’ published this photo of an ore mine along the Hanover Branch that operated between 1850 and 1880. The Strickhouser Station stop along the Hanover Branch served as a shipping point for ore taken from such mines.