York Town Square

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Matt Bupp sent in this very clear aerial image of the old King’s Mill/Schmidt & Ault/Smurfit-Stone site along the Codorus Creek. He estimates that the photo was taken in the 1950s. The complex is now owned by York College of Pennsylvania, which just unveiled a redone sign showing the Schmidt & Ault logo, plus high water marks from the 1933 and 1972 floods. This photo shows the 1812 manor house on the site. York College of Pennsylvania officials say they have no plans to renovate either that historic structure or the old mill.

Picturing York shows a familiar landmark, a before-and-after photograph of the National Guard Armory on North George Street in York, Pa. Check individual photos plus a special slider that lets you explore the old armory, then and now: National Guard. Notice the flood control work that has been done to the bank of the Codorus Creek in these two scenes.

East Berlin’s Dale E. Brenner has provided this aerial photo of the King’s Mill/Schmidt & Ault/Smurfit-Stone complex beside the Codorus Creek from about 15 years ago. Since then, York College of Pennsylvania has rehabbed part of the site, which is no longer used for papermaking or other uses. Among other things, this interesting photo shows York College’s movement toward the western part of York City, with the Penn Street Bridge serving as a connector. That’s a good thing for the city.

News about the installation of replica lights along the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge, aka Veterans Memorial Bridge, lured me to the 1930 bridge. I captured these downstream scene from the bridgehead on the York County side. This shows vestiges of the old Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal that ran from this point to Havre de Grace on the Chesapeake Bay. This is some sturdy stonework to survive floods and such since 1840.

See that lamp on the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge, aka Veterans Memorial Bridge, soon after its opening in 1930? They’ll be back or something like them as part of bridge relighting project. This photo came from a bridge souvenir booklet.