York Town Square

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Love this photo. Fireworks. Baseball. Community band. And one of York County’s most feted musical groups – the Spring Garden Band – at that. Where’s the apple pie? This is surely York County, Pa., at its best.

‘We kids would go up there on that swinging bridge in the summertime and, in between working hours, we’d dive off of the bridge into the creek or we’d make it swing. You couldn’t swing it much, but a little bit. We had great times there at that swinging bridge.’ Late in life, Raymond Sechrist provided these boyhood recollections of this swinging bridge.This tightly bound span provided a short cut for workers walking from North York to York Safe & Lock and back.

One might think those two beautiful water supply lakes south of York, Pa., were built at the same time. But Lake Williams, seen here in a postcard view, went up in 1913, and Lake Redman, 1967. Both came in response to droughts. Many York countians remember the drought that brought Lake Redman. It also brought in a self-proclaimed rainmaker, but construction of the Redman dam proved more reliable. A history on the York Water Company’s website comments on Lake Williams, built after the normal flow of two branches of the Codorus Creek needed help in the face of dry weather: ‘On January 7, 1913 the dam was completed. By February 4, 1913 the new dam was full and overflowing. The lake was later named Lake Williams in honor of the Company’s General Manager.’ So Lake Williams just passed its 100th anniversary.

This 1930 photograph from a Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge booklet shows part of the battlefield in Wrightsville 70 years after the Civil War. A Confederate brigade, under the command of John B. Gordon, approached the town from the west, bottom, and ran into an assortment of Union troops – regulars, invalids from the military hospital in York, militia and civilian volunteers. The Confederates sought to secure the bridge. Union command ordered the bridge burned to stop that advance. They succeeded.

‘Have a barren wall in need of art?’ The story about an event ‘Local Lens at City Art’ poses that question. Large, canvass-wrapped photos of York County scenes, courtesy of York Daily Record/Sunday News and Evening Sun in Hanover photographers will be on display on June 6 at First Friday in York.