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This photograph appeared on the very interesting Hanover-area Facebook Page: If you grew up in Hanover, Pa you remember… . Someone called it to my attention, and my mind immediately placed the scene on the Conewago Creek near Manchester. Here was my initial response to the query for help: ‘I think this is mislabeled. This is probably Cold Springs Park on the Conewago Creek near Manchester. The Conewago is about that width there and across from Cold Springs Park was Elm Beach, a popular swimming spot. I provided a few links to support this: ‘Notice use of Conewago Summit here – and that area is known as Conewago Heights. Also, notice how similar the creek and sports activities look here with the trolley and swimmers and boaters. I hope I’m right, and invite comments on this below.

Here’s a scene ripe for discovery – another appealing Northern Maryland scene. These falls in northern Maryland, not far from York County’s southern border, are located on Deer Creek. This area is known by Falling Creek, Falling Branch and Kilgore falls. These falls, where Disney film ‘Tuck Everlasting’ was filmed, might be unknown to many folks. Maryland Geological Survey’s website states: ‘Maryland’s second highest free-falling waterfall is located on the Falling Branch of Deer Creek in northern Harford County. The falls were well known to local native Americans and settlers, but in recent times the area was relatively unknown because the land was privately owned. Through the work of citizens groups, businesses, schools and government agencies the Falling Branch Area was added to Rocks State Park in 1993 and open to the public.’

The town is no mystery. And the train is from Steam into History’s excursion service. That’s no mystery because it’s the only train running on those tracks nowadays. So here’s the mystery. How many times did Abraham Lincoln pass through Glen Rock, Pa.?

The National Park Service’s Underground Railroad Network to Freedom has added another Lancaster County site to its roster. The remains of the Columbia/Wrightsville Bridge, seen upriver from the Veterans Memorial Bridge in this photo, are part of this approved list. Ruins of the locks and dam of the Pennsylvania Canal, on Columbia Borough-owned land north of the Rt. 462 bridge, are also part of the list, according to historical consultant Randy Harris.

Some were surprised with what was fished out of Lightner’s Creek in Manchester Township recently. That creek produced a casket lid in a recent cleanup. York has been home to a casketmaker for decades – York Casket. In fact, before and after York Casket formed in 1932, funeral homes made caskets in many small towns around York County. Or rather furniture makers operated funeral homes. Or both. No telling the source of the Lightner Creek casket lid or how it ended up in the creek. But casketmaking has been part of York County’s woodworking landscapes for centuries.

Here’s a spot that hasn’t yet been here on YorkTownSquare.com , and we specialize in finding favorite – and obscure – spots around here, Pinnacle Overlook on the Lancaster side of the Susquehanna. Lancaster County Conservancy has received the 80-acre scenic vista near Holtwood Dam from PPL Electric. A York Daily Record/Sunday New story on such developments along the Susquehanna brought forth this interesting viewpoint from Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area.