York Town Square

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This is a scene awaiting discovery in York County, Pa. This falls is near the preserved Lock 12 on the long-gone Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal in southeastern York County. Here’s a map of the old lock area. And a photo of the lock.

This unsung site is hardly off the beaten track, as many often-overlooked places are. But Gettysburg’s square should not be forgotten as a place to spend time on those treasured trips to the Gettysburg National Military Park and other attractions. The visitors center is now farther away from this crossroads, but remember that this part of Gettysburg saw fighting, too. And there are museums, shops linked up to the Civil War and prime restaurants within walking distance. In fact, the must-see National Cemetery, with its Lincoln connections, and nearby Ziegler’s Grove, with its Pickett Charge links, are a reasonable walk from this square, seen here from the roof of the Gettysburg Hotel.

This postcard is part of the York County, Pa., Heritage Trust’s extensive postcard collection – more than 1,300 of them – that is now online. They join these recently posted collections: Bibles, Dempwolf architectural drawings and York City Streets and Alleys images available via this search. These are not the first collections available on the Heritage Trust’s website. But they are certain to be popular topics for researchers and fans of county history. Yorkblogger June Lloyd’s, retired Heritage Trust archivist, assesses these recently posted online collections below.