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Here’s another quiz resulting from YorkTownSquare’s initiative this year to remember community builders from York, Pa.’s past. Check out the comments about this mystery woman and you’ll find quite a tribute. My comment: ‘It seems the great people – … even from the generation that just passed – escape our individual and collective memories so quickly.’ But people do remember this builder. Karen Hostetter commented about our mystery guest, giving York photographer Bill Schintz credit for ‘capturing such a stunning portrait… .’ She wrote: ‘She will always be one of my favorite people and mentors. She used to tell us as young members of Women in Communications (now AWIC), “Don’t be a cookie cutter.” as she stood there in purple sunglasses and colorful striped skirt and top. (The mystery achiever) showed us how to be true to ourselves and not just in our attire.’

York, Pa., Daily Record Facebook readers respond to really engage with aerial photographs. They like to figure what has changed – and what hasn’t. If you’re also a fan, check out YorkTownSquare’s aerial photo category.

York, Pa., Daily Record photographers has been capturing some interesting outdoor photographs of high school sports all-star groups. This photo came from a different ‘shoot,’ providing the cover of the basketball preview tab. We’re presenting it here because this photograph is outstanding, literally, and its compelling setting, with those historic buildings in the background. So, let’s test your downtown York, Pa. What are the tall buildings at left, center and right? Also, where are the players and photographer, Kate Penn, standing?

York countians value – and remember – their athletes. That’s particularly so when you quiz residents on those who excelled locally or nationally. This athlete and her accomplishments particularly resonated with York, Pa., Facebook fans who engaged with the quiz. One reason among many: She came back and became a popular coach. Test your York Smarts on this quiz, two other sports quizzes below as well as several quizzes on other topics. A good Thanksgiving Day pastime, as well.

This photograph appeared on the very interesting Hanover-area Facebook Page: If you grew up in Hanover, Pa you remember… . Someone called it to my attention, and my mind immediately placed the scene on the Conewago Creek near Manchester. Here was my initial response to the query for help: ‘I think this is mislabeled. This is probably Cold Springs Park on the Conewago Creek near Manchester. The Conewago is about that width there and across from Cold Springs Park was Elm Beach, a popular swimming spot. I provided a few links to support this: ‘Notice use of Conewago Summit here – and that area is known as Conewago Heights. Also, notice how similar the creek and sports activities look here with the trolley and swimmers and boaters. I hope I’m right, and invite comments on this below.