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This is just a good picture. Emigsville looking down on High and St. Mark streets in December 2013. It comes from the camera of the York, Pa., Daily Record’s Paul Kuehnel, who lives in this Manchester Township neighborhood. This scene provides the top piece for The Emigsville Heritage Project, a community website that Paul has operated with since 2006. It features some wonderful Kuehnel photogs from around town.

It’s that time of year – a chance for everyone to see the best pictures from the cameras of York, Pa., Daily Record photographers in the preceding 12 months. Here is Paul Kuehnel’s – a wide-angle look at the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge, also known as Veterans Memorial Bridge. He captures the bridge kind of slicing through the wide Susquehanna River.

How do you move a house today? In East Manchester Township this week, a house was moved via remote control. This rancher, in the Gross family for years, was moved to make way for a mammoth warehouse. In 1905, a prominent York Pa., farmhouse was moved via mules and greased logs.

York, Pa., Daily Record journalists, equipped with smart phones, deftly help cover the York County history front on their daily travels. The scenes above and below capture two moments from the scene of the events. The marker above describes the short-lived York Furnace Bridge that crossed the Susquehanna River in the 1850s.

stauffer’sYork County, Pa.’s, D.F. Stauffer Biscuit Co. has made animal crackers since 1871. There’s the view out there that the company made the first in America, the popular cookie coming originally from Britain. It was a nice moment when Stauffer’s opened its doors to York Daily Record’s journalists on National Animal Cracker Day. Everything, even animal crackers, need their day in the sun.

York County, Pa., is understandably weary with all the slow – with more expected tonight. But this Media Center gallery reminds us all that we’ve seen weired weather before. And this photo is part of that gallery. Here, a horse is seen in his Felton Road pasture in 2001, but with the addition of high water. Those are part of flash flooding in the area.