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A member of the community mentioned Christian Bucks, the youngster behind the widespread Buddy Bench movement, on a list of well-known people with York,County, Pa. links and roots. His idea is that if a student is sitting on the bench along, another student should recognize that and take a seat, too. The idea came up when Christian was a first-grader at Central York School District’s Roundtown Elementary School and it spread from there. Christian rightly appears on a list of accomplished people, as you’ll see below.

This was one of ‪York County, Pa.‬’s best-known barns – and we have many grand barns – before it burned to the ground in 2006. It was visible from a major road and intended to be an accessible county showpiece. Where did this barn stand? Memories of this very public farm, in the past or present?

History Mystery: This landmark served as a railroad hotel and eatery after it went up in 1883. It served as a stop for people coming into town from the‪ York County, Pa., countryside as well. It has been remodeled several times over the decades and serves as an eatery today. Can you locate this place? Answer: http://goo.gl/wmJL34.