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York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News columnist Mike Argento used the term ‘Icepocalypse’ in a Tweet about this week’s ice storm: ‘Trees down everywhere. No cars on the roads. Power out everywhere. It’s the Icepocalypse.’ At one point, 70,000 York County residents were without power. Mike’s label kind of fit. So out of all the thousands of photos YDR professionals and residents captured of ‘Icepocalype,’ this Paul Kuehnel photo from Glen Rock tells the clearest image of the storm. If the storm can fell a tree of this size, ‘Icepocalypse’ works as a name for that storm.

The high waters spawned by Tropical Storm Agnes struck Glen Rock in 1972. Here, high water covers Hanover Street. The southern York County, Pa., borough’s position in a valley carved by the Codorus Creek has made it a target of high waters.

Roses rest on railroad tracks on Newberry Street during the annual Unity March in York, Pa.. The roses lay where Lillie Belle Allen was shot 40 years before. As part of the prosecution of the shootings of Allen and York City Police Officer Henry C. Schaad 30 years after they died, the bodies of the two victims were exhumed.

This aerial view from the camera of a York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photographer shows where railroad tracks cross Newberry Street in York. Lillie Belle Allen, visiting York, was slain when the car she was riding in stalled on those tracks. Police officer Henry C. Schaad also died from a gunshot wound sustained in race rioting in 1969.

This is my favorite photograph of the Hex Murder house, scene of the killing of a suspected witch in 1928. A trio murdered Nelson Rehmeyer, acting with the belief that he had cast a spell on one of them. This York Daily Record/Sunday News photo makes the house appear to be rising from the Rehmeyer Hollow field in southern York County, Pa.

As the rains from the Storm of October 2013 fell on York County, Pa., earlier this month, inevitable comparisons came with those of Tropical Storm Agnes in 1972. Well, Agnes offered up 15-plus inches a short span. The recent October storm dumped 9.11 inches. But these photos show the real difference. Here’s the ‘Met Ed plant at York Haven’ under water in 1972.

P.S. Weaver, a Hanover, Pa., photographer, captured this scene of the exhumation of the bodies of Union solders who died in the Battle of Hanover. This scene comes from the German Reformed Church’s cemetery.

Samantha Geimer, “The Girl,” has written a book about her life. The Girl is the teen that Roman Polanski sexually assaulted, leading to the famed movie director’s flight and life outside America. Sam Geimer is originally from York, Pa., the daughter of well-known York attorney Jack Gailey and actress Susan Gailey. When young, she lived on West Philadelphia Street. Many people around York remember her today.

Dover Township’s John Yost has a new water line on his 1840 home. ‘The nearby Conewago Creek flooded up his driveway and porch and almost surpassed his first-floor windowsills,’ York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photographer Chris Dunn wrote in this ydr.com Media Center gallery photo’s caption.