York Town Square

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The opening of the Krua Thai Cafe signals change in Dallastown. First, it’s a productive reuse of an older building – a former bank building. Notice the neat effect of the vault in the background. The exit of the bank from Dallastown several years ago was lamented by some. It was then Dallastown’s only bank. Further, this is probably the first exclusively Thai cuisine to be offered from an eatery in the borough, showing the changing tastes of a changing population and Dallastown and that southeastern York County region that was historically Pennsylvania Dutch. (See a picture of the cafe’s exterior below and additional photos in this gallery).

Some month ago, Eric Krebs provided us with an aerial look at Jefferson’s Square at Christmas. He’s come through again, with two daylight views of the neat green area in the middle of this southwestern York County borough. In this phot, his camera is pointed from east to west. Below, he captures the square at a lower elevation, or at least with a stronger lens. The square was in the news recently after a longtime exhibit there – a World War I cannon – was restored and remounted in this green area.

It’s pretty amazing the interest in this History Mystery post on the York Daily Record’s Facebook page. Perhaps it’s such a small part integral to the rest of the bulky product made in the thousands in York, Pa. Here’s the quiz: Thousands of these durable, indispensable parts were made in the 40 years before its ‪York, Pa.,‬ manufacturer closed about 1940. And many are in use and in fine working order today all over the world. What are we seeing here, and what company built this part for its signature product?