York Town Square

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Many readers here will remember going downtown on a Saturday to buy shoes and other clothes. That day seems to have passed with retailers selling their stuff mainly in the suburbs. That’s mainly. In Hanover, you can still shop for shoes on a Saturday and other days to the week. Clarks Shoes, known as Clarks Bostonian Outlet, is open on the square, and there’s another dose of nostalgia now awaiting visitors. A local collector and Clarks employee Donald Hamme has put up a display of Hanover Shoes relics. Hamme told The Evening Sun in Hanover that when Harper “H.D.” Sheppard and Clinton “C.N.” Myers founded Hanover Shoes in 1899, the company’s motto at that time was to provide “the greatest shoe value on Earth.” Now Clarks customers get an extra value, a case exhibit showing memorabilia, courtesy of Donald Hamme. ‘I have enough to fill it three times,’ Hamme told the Evening Sun.

The parking garage across from Central Market is what it is – a cement two story deck. But its upper deck provides a vantage point to show off York City, as this thread on Fixing York’s Facebook page attests. Michael Edmonds posted this memorable view as part of that discussion with the comment: ‘Parked there yesterday and snapped this picture. We’re surrounded by beautiful buildings in York.’

The question has come up before. How can a welcoming city tell westbound motorists on the old Lincoln Highway to ‘Do Not Enter.’ And it’s a good question. And it was raised by someone, York Sunday News columnist Gordon Freireich, who is a leader in an organization, York Rotary, who is doing something about York’s greetings to motorists. Rotary’s ‘Welcome to York’ monument greets motorists moving into York from the south.