York Town Square

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Harley-Davidson Archives

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are on display around York County, Pa., where they’re assembled. But few get more looks from the public than this one. Interestingly, many York countians might never have seen this particular cycle. Can you locate it?

‘A piece of the Mars rover. The guts of a popular DVD rental kiosk. Crayon wrappers. What do all of these things have in common? They’re made in York County, of course.’ So read the intro to a things-we-make story by York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News reporter Lauren Boyer. York countians have long been known for making practical things, products that are useful and not always glamorous. We kind of do we we can with what we have, as the York Plan motto from World War II stated. Pictured here is a Hallmark card made with Glatfelter paper.

These piers are all that remain of a trolley bridge near Green Valley Pool in West Manchester Township, Pa. The far-ranging trolley system, which ended in 1939, sprawled over York County. As the trolleys passed up Trolley Road from York to Dover, they crossed Church Road at Broad Street. That crossing formed a kind of town square for Shiloh, which moved to Church Street and Carlisle Road when the trolley quit running and Route 74 was improved. Trolleys then descended into the little valley crossed by Poplars Street. This bridge spanned the Little Conewago Creek, providing a grade for the trolley to climb and then head to Brookside Park and then Dover.

A combination of York County, Pa., community icons came together over the weekend at Farquhar Park. The venerable Spring Garden Band, originating before the Civil War, played 12 works. Their bandstand was the beautifully restored Farquhar Park Gazebo. The park itself, York’s second oldest after Penn Park, is a popular place to stroll – or enjoy a concert. The Avenues Neighborhood Association, representing an old and well-preserved sections of the city of York, sponsored the gathering. This was a gathering of memories and with meaning.