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God & York County Archives

York, Pa., Daily Record photographers has been capturing some interesting outdoor photographs of high school sports all-star groups. This photo came from a different ‘shoot,’ providing the cover of the basketball preview tab. We’re presenting it here because this photograph is outstanding, literally, and its compelling setting, with those historic buildings in the background. So, let’s test your downtown York, Pa. What are the tall buildings at left, center and right? Also, where are the players and photographer, Kate Penn, standing?

Voni B. and Lorrayne Grimes were honored at a recent event at their York, Pa., church, Small A.M.E. Zion Church. ‘Let God tell you what he’s going to do in your life,’ Voni Grimes told the large gathering. ‘But most importantly, don’t speak with your mouth. Speak with your heart.’

This shows one of York County’s most controversial photos, particularly relevant in this season in which Abraham Lincoln passed through Hanover Junction on his way to – and his return from – delivering his Gettysburg Address. Is that Abraham Lincoln in the stovepipe hat?

Jim Driskell of First St. John’s Lutheran Church in York provided this action by York Borough relating to the York Fair in 1807. Long and short, it call for a ban on dancing at the York Fair, then situated with borough limits. Violators would pay $5, a tidy sum in those days ‘A member of our congregation felt that you might get a kick out of a document … ,’ Jim wrote. Yes, indeed. As it turns out, the York Fair faced more challenges than this. It was canceled about 10 years later after a death at the annual event. The fair did not resume until the 1850s.

We appreciate those who responded to this History Mystery question. But there were so few who tried.This York, Pa., artist’s work has been reproduced in books around the world for his documentation of 19th-century American life. We do forget our people of accomplishment so easily. Perhaps a forthcoming book on a body of his work will bring his life, times and work back into public view.

This early American Bible was on display at the recent unveiling of the 2014 Journal of York County Heritage at the York County Heritage Trust. The German-language book was published by Christopher Saur in 1776 and used at Black Rock Church of the Brethren. ‘This was the first Bible printed with American-made paper, and American-made typeset,’ Dianne Bowders, who put up the small exhibit, told a gathering at the event.

Picturing History profiles Brodbecks’ St. Jacob’s (Stone) Church, whose name indicates that traditions sometimes die hard in York County, Pa. ‘Although widely known as Stone church, there hasn’t been a stone church on the property since 1855,’ Charles H. Glatfelter wrote in ‘York County Lutherans.’ Glatfelter gave other facts about the church, from which we can draw lessons.

Wrightsville is full of veterans memorials, at least six by one count. And the eastern York County, Pa., borough soon will be home to another one, a marker to honor a black fighting man who died defending Wrightsville and its Susquehanna River bridge from the Confederate onslaught in late-June 1863. That marker will be commemorated Saturday at Mount Pisgah Cemetery in Wrightsville.

Remember when York, Pa.’s, Trinity United Methodist Church was in the news and made it to the top of the best religion stories in York County in 2011? Potter’s House, an independent church, is moving in. The congregation has closed off the sanctuary, under the roof where the structural problems found by the city three years ago were identified.