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This little park is on the square of this neat York County, Pa. town. You might drive by it every day without thinking much about it. But it shows efforts to maintain community in a constantly changing county. This park sits on one of the corners of Manchester borough’s square. It’s the image that is tied to census information at YDR.com’s Census page. To find out about Manchester, check out: U.S. Census. Mount Wolf’s on there, too.

Here’s a break from the Deep Freeze of January 2014: A look at the ‘Codorus Eagle,’ courtesy of the camera of Mike Spyker. ‘The Codorus Eagle sits upon its favorite perch, searching for the next meal,’ Mike wrote in ydr.com’s ‘Your Photos’ section about York Pa.’s bird. He then added about this Dec. 10 photo: ‘Having had enough picture taking it takes off up stream toward downtown York.’ See other photographs of York County eagles at Your Photos.

This photograph of a cross-section of York County, Pa., residents appears in Life magazine in June 1944 with an article: ‘These Are the People Who Answer the Gallup Poll Questions.’ Yorkblogger June Lloyd found the article in York County Heritage Trust library files.

This painting shows Marquis de Lafayette toasting George Washington, a longtime fixture in the old Lafayette Club in York, Pa. The impact of this toast is controverted. Some students of history say it tipped the scales in favor of the retention of Gen. George Washington as commander in chief of the Continental Army in the American Revolution. Others say that the bid by Gen. Horatio Gates to take over the Army had already lost steam. That’s just the start of controversies over this moment in early 1978 when the Continental Congress was meeting in York.

This drawing, from a 1720 Herman Moll map, shows a Susquehannock village in York County, Pa. A remnant of the Susquehannocks, York County dominant American Indian tribe, were victims of a massacre in 1763. The 250th anniversary of the massacre of the Conestoga Indians by the a group that history calls the Paxton Boys will be held in Lancaster Dec. 13-14.

This aerial view gives an easy explanation of the various parcels that have been preserved from development so that Springettsbury Township’s Camp Security site can be explored and understood. Campu Security was a British prisoner-of-war camp in the American Revolution. Roughly 2,000 prisoners were detained on the site.

The Historic Hellam Preserve, a private restoration effort, played host to a gathering recently. A York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday New story – ‘Hellam farmhouse a treasure trove of history’ – says the anonymous owner has spent five years improving the property from an old homestead to preserve. ‘On Sunday, the renewal process culminated in a private opening for the owner’s family and friends, who wandered among the sprawling outbuildings, took in the history and bought prints of Rob Evans’ pieces,’ the story states.

St. Jacob’s (Stone) Church in southwestern York County, Pa., was near the remote farmhouse where a Union Army messenger was killed by a farmer just before the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Charles H. Glatfelter, who enjoyed close family ties to the church, wrote about this sad case in which the farmer, George Bear, mistook the courier for a Confederate. Rebels had been crawling around York County in the days before the battle. George Bear was a member of one of the congregations who worshipped at this union church. Dr. Glatfelter’s essay appeared in the York County Heritage Trust’s 2013 Journal of York County Heritage.

An old Manufacturers’ Association of South Central Pennsylvania scrapbook starts with this clip about an association meeting at the Country Club of York. That Dempwolf-designed clubhouse burned in the 1934 and was replaced by a modified structure, which came down when York College of Pennsylvania built on the property in the 1960s. Carrol McCleary Innerst wrote in “York College of Pennsylvania: “A proposal to spend $100,000 renovating the old clubhouse was rejected.” The Manufacturers’ Association continues to hold annual meetings. Surgeon Ben Carson will speak at at the group’s 2014 meeting.