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Bob Rinehart, an eighth-grade social studies teacher at Southampton Middle School in Belair, Md. And he’s a 1983 graduate of West York High School and a 1994 graduate of York College of Pennsylvania. And he’s a descendant of a Civil War veteran from York County, Pa., and organizer of a major event – the American Civil War Day on Saturday, May 3.

So we put out a call on this blog at in the York Daily Record for the present of busybody mirrors, aka ‘spionnetje.’ And a Facebooker gave us a lead to this one, just west of Union Lutheran Church on West Market Street. That’s the only one to be brought forth so far. Any other such mirrors out there?

The Golden Plough Tavern, that 1740s landmark in downtown York, will be the center of attention in May. The York County Heritage Trust, operator of the old tavern, will throw a birthday party at its West Market Street site. York artist Cliff Satterthwaite was there when the old building was restored 50 years ago – the topic of the birthday party.

This photograph show the Anderson/Ramsey Auto Company, whereabout unknown. Doug Winemiller of the Stewartstown Historical Society said Anderson and Ramsey operated a Buick dealership in Stewartstown starting in 1921. It is believed that Anderson and Ramsey ran dealerships in Delta and Stewartstown. Here’s the history mystery: ‘No one can identify this building,’ Doug wrote in an email. Does it say: ‘York Penna.’?

These folks are posing at the groundbreaking for Delone Catholic in McSherrystown, just over the York County line in Adams County on July 17, 1939. So where did the Delone come from. The Evening Sun in Hanover explained that Charles J. Delone, center with Bishop George L. Leech, was a Harvard-educated, civic-minded attorney in Hanover. McSherrystown recently declared a day of remembrance honoring the 150th years since the date of Delone’s birth.

This historical marker observes one of Shrewsbury, Pa,’s luminaries – Amanda Berry Smith. Another well-known 20th-century figure, humanitarian Spurgeon Keeny, came from this southern York County borough. And now, efforts are underway to observe another native son who made it big on the world stage – actor Cameron Mitchell.