York Town Square

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York County aerial photos Archives

This aerial view gives an easy explanation of the various parcels that have been preserved from development so that Springettsbury Township’s Camp Security site can be explored and understood. Campu Security was a British prisoner-of-war camp in the American Revolution. Roughly 2,000 prisoners were detained on the site.

York, Pa., has its share of once-prominent signs – sometimes called ghost signs – painted onto the sides of once-noteworthy buildings that are fading away. This one appears on the side of the Schmidt & Ault building, aka Kings Mill or Smurfit-Stone. It’s now in the hands of York College of Pennsylvania.

This aerial view from the camera of a York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photographer shows where railroad tracks cross Newberry Street in York. Lillie Belle Allen, visiting York, was slain when the car she was riding in stalled on those tracks. Police officer Henry C. Schaad also died from a gunshot wound sustained in race rioting in 1969.

As the rains from the Storm of October 2013 fell on York County, Pa., earlier this month, inevitable comparisons came with those of Tropical Storm Agnes in 1972. Well, Agnes offered up 15-plus inches a short span. The recent October storm dumped 9.11 inches. But these photos show the real difference. Here’s the ‘Met Ed plant at York Haven’ under water in 1972.

There’s a lot going on in this York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News file photo of the old Stone Container/Smurfit Stone site. York College of Pennsylvania has acquired the former mill buildings, upper right, and rehabbed at least one of them. One of them, the old Philip King house, has been in the eye of preservationists who fear its demise. The Penn Street bridge is in the spotlight because it symbolically and physically connects YCP’s expanding campus and the city. The Codorus Homes, York’s first public housing units along the Codorus at the left edge of the bridge in this photo, face demolition. The greenway along the creek will thus be extended. New public housing has gone up nearby on former Helen Thackston Park land. Who says things don’t change in York, Pa.

Civil War fans have another major Gettysburg 150 moment coming on Nov. 19 – the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Abraham Lincoln stayed in the Wills House, partly seen at left in this five-year-old photo from atop the Gettysburg Hotel. Of course, the president passed through Hanover Junction and Hanover traveling to and from Gettysburg. The excursion train Steam into History will observe part of the president’s journey from New Freedom to Hanover Junction and back with the appearance of living historian James Hayney.

This 1990s aerial photo from York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News files shows the Delco Centre, right center, an enclosed mall, before it became Delco Market Place after ‘demalling,’ a post-2000 trend. A YDR story explained that to de-mall a mall, developers turn the shopping center inside out, designing stores so they face outward rather than inside. Plans call for a similar process to take place at the West Manchester Mall, left center. The YDR story noted that such a trend has already started at the early 1980s mall. Walmart is a standalone store.

Bair-based BAE, seen from the air in this file photograph, has been in York County, Pa., since 1948 and at this West Manchester site after 1960. It’s location forms an interesting contrast – this maker of war machines nestled in this peaceful, largely agricultural part of York County. It’s heavy industry sitting among prime agriculture.

Hugh McPherson owns Maize Quest in southeastern York County, Pa., and that gives him standing to mount ‘tire-saurus’ This scary attraction on this Fawn Grove-area farm and a similarly vulcanized sea serpent are among the 30 things to do at the park. The farm-turned-amusement park is an example used by farmers for centuries to generate revenue from non-traditional sources on their properties. An age-old example – perhaps this is a traditional souce, come to think of it – is the operation of stills to turn excess grain into spirits.