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Ruins Hall is a new event venue in Glen Rock, Pa. In fact, such an event is schedule for Saturday, May 30. That’s the Glen Rock Arts and Brewfest.
‘The concrete structure (of Ruins Hall) lends itself to being a good event space for block parties and live music festivals,’ an event organizer told FlipSidePa. So a question that emerges: What was on this site that became ruins?

This engaging scene is downtown Hanover at night. Specifically, the Evening Sun photographer was aiming for – and captured – the news organization’s new digs. It’s the building with the fan-shaped, second-story window known to many as the former Tanger Hardware building.

You could say they don’t make bridges like they used to. Spans like the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge, built in 1930 and christened the Veterans Memorial Bridge, are architectural showpieces. Their replacement spans often are, well, just boring. Consider this photo of the Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Susquehanna River, for example. The York, Pa., Daily Record’s Chris Dunn gathered in this scene, and look at the engagement: 350 plus likes. It’s now atop the YDR’s Facebook page. How often do you see the Wright’s Ferry Bridge, constructed 40 years later, in photos? OK, it’s just a one-bridge sample, but quality-of-life advocates would say that infrastructure should add to experience, not detract from it.

York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photographers captured a bunch of compelling photographs and videos at the inauguration and post-event party. Editors judged this pictured by Paul Kuehnel as the pick for the newspaper’s front page.