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‘My interest in the Hotel Penn,’ Jim Hubley wrote in the York, Pa., Daily Record on Jan. 26, 1985, ‘goes back to when, as a tot, I was impressed with the long, long porch which fronted the building in the early 1920s. In summer the porch was filled with guests rocking away or nestled comfortably with with their feet resting atop the porch railing. To me, it represented the height of affluence.’

Yes, we’re finally seeing some sun. Which leads us to swimming, which leads us to this Cliff Satterthwaite painting of a popular York County, Pa., pool. Many York countians remember this pool, so they should have no problem locating it.

Some day, we’ll post photos of all former one-room schools in York County, Pa. Well, we might not get them all, but when we run across them, we like putting them up on here. Here’s one submitted to the York Daily Record. Can you locate it?

Hollywood TV/Movie star Cameron Mitchell, right, a York, Pa., native is seen with his sister, Katherine and brother, Carlisle, on a visit to his home county in the 1960s. The Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society is sponsoring a program about Cameron Mitchell at 7:30 p.m. today. The venue has been moved from the society’s museum in the Peoples Bank building to to Trinity United Church of Christ on Manchester Street.

This painting shows Marquis de Lafayette toasting George Washington, a longtime fixture in the old Lafayette Club in York, Pa. The impact of this toast is controverted. Some students of history say it tipped the scales in favor of the retention of Gen. George Washington as commander in chief of the Continental Army in the American Revolution. Others say that the bid by Gen. Horatio Gates to take over the Army had already lost steam. That’s just the start of controversies over this moment in early 1978 when the Continental Congress was meeting in York.

This is just a striking photo by York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News’ photographer Jason Plotkin. Striking because it shows York County’s still-rich agricultural land. And informative because it indicates yet another alt-use of this land, apart from farming. This was the scene of the recent Cerebrun on Rexroth Farms in Conewago Township that taxed the body and mind.

Abraham Lincoln and his presidency is rightly remembered in this 150th season after his Gettysburg Address. But another proclamation 150 years ago helped shaped America today. His Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1863 established Thanksgiving as a national holiday, the last Thursday in November. President Franklin D. Roosevelt later established it as the fourth Thursday.