York Town Square

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Delta Welsh quarryman Archives

York County, Pa., has many scenes such as this, but you have to take a second to pull the vehicle off the road to enjoy them. Don McClure did just that, with a camera in his hand, and in so doing, he captured this wonderful country scene.

This York, Pa., scene from weekend storm went viral on the York Daily Record’s Facebook page and beyond – and rightfully so. The color is gorgeous. YDR photographer Paul Kuehnel responded to the more than 600 ‘likes’ and comments: ‘Newberry St. is a favorite snow place for me. You have a hill, a curve, and interesting architecture.’ When asked what provided the red in this photo, Paul emailed back that he believes its a hawthorne berry or some other type of berry. ‘I liked the green car contrast,’ he wrote.

You might recognize this distinctive door and stonework as part of the front of a Welsh miners’ cottage in Peach Bottom Township, Pa. Tours of a Coulsontown cottage will be offered as part of the Delta Holiday Home Tour on Dec. 8.

Author and historian Roger Wilson will demo the practice of slate splitting (say that fast three times) at a Stewartstown, Pa., Historical Society demonstration on May 8. Wilson will talk about the Welsh and their slate quarrying in the Delta-Peach Bottom area in the 19th century.