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A pica pole marks the spot in a snowstorm. This represents a new role for an old rule. The metal ruler was part of the stuff most newspaper journalists had in and around their desks in the pre-computer days when you did page production manually. Some are still around the YDR newsroom, obviously, but they’re largely unused. Largely. That is, except when deployed in the measuring of snow.

A York Town Square post of a low-flying military plane gained more traffic than any other story in 2013. The plane circled the York-area sky on a busy Friday football night, capturing the attention of thousands of York countians. It then flew away. I put other military plane appearances – and crashes – in the post to give a sense of history.

OK, with the Sunday snowstorm, I’m playing with your head a bit. But I’ve wanted to put up this ‘old swimming hole’ photo since seeing it on Joan Concilio’s Only in York County blog some months ago. It takes you back to a warmer moment. The scene was so inviting I went to the spot the other day.

Roses rest on railroad tracks on Newberry Street during the annual Unity March in York, Pa.. The roses lay where Lillie Belle Allen was shot 40 years before. As part of the prosecution of the shootings of Allen and York City Police Officer Henry C. Schaad 30 years after they died, the bodies of the two victims were exhumed.

This is my favorite photograph of the Hex Murder house, scene of the killing of a suspected witch in 1928. A trio murdered Nelson Rehmeyer, acting with the belief that he had cast a spell on one of them. This York Daily Record/Sunday News photo makes the house appear to be rising from the Rehmeyer Hollow field in southern York County, Pa.

This photo shared by James Forsythe gave us an early glimpses Thursday night of the extent of this Storm of October 2013. We call it that because no one has invented a name with ‘pocolypse’; yet. Thankfully. And thanks to emergency workers who rescues numerous people from the rising waters made any such irrelevant. Anyway, John Forsythe’s photo shows flooding on I-83 past the Glen Rock exit around 6 p.m.

Thanks heavens, no one was killed. But this pileup of 10 vehicles on Interstate 83 in southern York County this week was one of the largest in memory. Four tractor-trailers, five cars and one tow truck- hauling two vehicles – crashed near the Glen Rock exit. Seven people were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. A miracle.

Recent Red Lion grad Sarah Amspacher sits at the memorial at North Hopewell-Winterstown Elementary School in Winterstown, Pa. As a kindergartener, she survived an attack by machete wielding William Michael Stankewicz.

Gettysburg Battlefield Thrift store uses large novelty statues as roadside attractions luring motorists into that Adams County business. The Hanover, Pa., Evening Sun’s Media Center explains these oversized figures as well as shows five photos of the scene:

This was York, Pa.’s, celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Rebel occupation of York in the days preceding the battle. The Gazette and Daily page asked the question but never gave an answer. Fifty years later, the York City’s mayor and officials are silent on the anniversary for some reason, but others have stepped forward to highlight this major anniversary.