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Steve Kohr, well-known for his ownership of the Shady Lane estate and his generosity in opening that East Manchester Township treasure to the public, is working on this 1895 schoolhouse at 3100 Grandview Drive, York Haven. ‘We reproduced the bell tower, slate roof, wood repairs, repointed stone w/ lime mortar …,’ he wrote on Facebook.

Now this is the way a one-room school should look. Bell tower (not all schools had such towers). Flag flying (between two trees). Students enjoying the outdoor (or in this case a photo op.). This is the Red Lion area’s Springvale School in 1913, as it appears in the book ‘All in One Room’. (You won’t recognize it, but see the school today below).

York County, Pa., has many scenes such as this, but you have to take a second to pull the vehicle off the road to enjoy them. Don McClure did just that, with a camera in his hand, and in so doing, he captured this wonderful country scene.

We like to keep readers up to date on the changing landscape of York County. It’s not just for readers of YorkTownSquare.com living in the ends of the earth. York County has a lot of acreage, so it’s hard to see everything coming down – or going up. So this photo is part of a news quiz of several structures that have been demolished in recently months – or in this case – years. This is the only historic building that’s part of the quiz. Can you locate it?

This early American Bible was on display at the recent unveiling of the 2014 Journal of York County Heritage at the York County Heritage Trust. The German-language book was published by Christopher Saur in 1776 and used at Black Rock Church of the Brethren. ‘This was the first Bible printed with American-made paper, and American-made typeset,’ Dianne Bowders, who put up the small exhibit, told a gathering at the event.

The image of this old railroad bridge came from the cover (see below) of Richard L. Boyd’s 1995 book ‘The Bridge.’ To Dick Boyd, the span represented an important reminder of days in York, Pa., when the relationship of unions and management often was not productive and union organizers met under the bridge in secrecy.