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Bad weather Archives

Here’s a break from the Deep Freeze of January 2014: A look at the ‘Codorus Eagle,’ courtesy of the camera of Mike Spyker. ‘The Codorus Eagle sits upon its favorite perch, searching for the next meal,’ Mike wrote in ydr.com’s ‘Your Photos’ section about York Pa.’s bird. He then added about this Dec. 10 photo: ‘Having had enough picture taking it takes off up stream toward downtown York.’ See other photographs of York County eagles at Your Photos.

The York, Pa., Daily Record’s Eileen Joyce put up this photograph – ‘An “almost” photo – on Look blog. It shows a white barn that is almost hidden by the snow near Emigsville in Manchester Township in December 2013. ‘There’s a barn down the road from my house in Emigsville that I see almost every day. It’s a weathered white barn and in the spring the green leaves of trees pop up around it. In the summer it’s often obscured by corn, but it’s beautiful when fall arrives. The corn is brown, leaves are orange and the morning rays of the sunrise reflect off the white walls. One of these days I’m actually going to get up early and get that photo. Last week when I was covering a snowstorm, the barn almost disappeared. The white paint was difficult to see in a world where everything had a layer of snow on it.’

This York, Pa., scene from weekend storm went viral on the York Daily Record’s Facebook page and beyond – and rightfully so. The color is gorgeous. YDR photographer Paul Kuehnel responded to the more than 600 ‘likes’ and comments: ‘Newberry St. is a favorite snow place for me. You have a hill, a curve, and interesting architecture.’ When asked what provided the red in this photo, Paul emailed back that he believes its a hawthorne berry or some other type of berry. ‘I liked the green car contrast,’ he wrote.

This photo by Paul Kuehnel was marked January 2008 in the York Daily Record/Sunday News archives, but this snowy scene was actually captured long before that. York, Pa.’s, Wells Fargo Bank has long replaced CoreStates. But that’s bunny trail in the snow. The real question is here is where Paul Kuehnel was standing in making this photo of York’s Continental Square.

Glen Rock, Pa., is nestled, well, within its Glen in this peaceful scene after one of the snows earlier this week. Which brings us other scenes from blizzards and heavy snows from York County’s past, courtesy of the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ archives. These photos, which go progressively back in time, remind us that big, bad snowfalls, however aggravating and damaging, come and go. And come again. And go again.

OK, with the Sunday snowstorm, I’m playing with your head a bit. But I’ve wanted to put up this ‘old swimming hole’ photo since seeing it on Joan Concilio’s Only in York County blog some months ago. It takes you back to a warmer moment. The scene was so inviting I went to the spot the other day.

The high waters spawned by Tropical Storm Agnes struck Glen Rock in 1972. Here, high water covers Hanover Street. The southern York County, Pa., borough’s position in a valley carved by the Codorus Creek has made it a target of high waters.

As the rains from the Storm of October 2013 fell on York County, Pa., earlier this month, inevitable comparisons came with those of Tropical Storm Agnes in 1972. Well, Agnes offered up 15-plus inches a short span. The recent October storm dumped 9.11 inches. But these photos show the real difference. Here’s the ‘Met Ed plant at York Haven’ under water in 1972.