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So we put out a call on this blog at in the York Daily Record for the present of busybody mirrors, aka ‘spionnetje.’ And a Facebooker gave us a lead to this one, just west of Union Lutheran Church on West Market Street. That’s the only one to be brought forth so far. Any other such mirrors out there?

The Golden Plough Tavern, that 1740s landmark in downtown York, will be the center of attention in May. The York County Heritage Trust, operator of the old tavern, will throw a birthday party at its West Market Street site. York artist Cliff Satterthwaite was there when the old building was restored 50 years ago – the topic of the birthday party.

Blink and a longtime landmark will come down around York County, Pa. This is the old Denny’s near Mount Rose Avenue and Haines Road. Few will lament its coming down, particularly when it means the unclogging of the congested Interstate 83 Mount Rose interchange.

The date appears to be 1975. Artist Cliff Satterthwaite gave an glimpse of what young people were doing that summer. On activity: Racing frogs. Interesting, at about that time, a harmful practice concerning frogs became popular in America. Licking them. Anyway, the artist wrote: ‘(N)otice the little boy chasing on.’ He believed the name on the sign is a sponsor of the event. Just another slice of York County life captured by the artist.