York Town Square

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Cliff Satterthwaite Archives

Pools are open everywhere around York County. Such as in this 1965 Cliff Satterthwaite pencil-on-paper drawing of the Boys Club Pool in York City. He noted this was ‘plein air,’ as are many of his paintings. He was seen around York in the 1960 and 1970s painting ‘in the open air.’

With Memorial Day approaching, pools are primed to open. But here’s one that is long gone: The Playland pool. Here, artist Cliff Satterthwaite explains the purpose of his drawing of Springettsbury Township’s Playland complex. Interestingly, other York County, Pa., community pools preceded Playland or followed its lead in shutting down over time. Glady’s Pool in Stewartstown was one. Sun Valley Pool in Spry closed more recently. Today, an increasing number of residents can afford private backyard pools. Fortunately, several community pools remain open.

York Peppermint Patties came from this factory for decades. This cool-breeze candy is now made in Mexico, but you can still find restaurants and other sites around York County that proudly offer the candy gratis after the meal or for low cost as a snack.

‘Greater York in Action,’ a 1969 book, celebrated the restoration of the Golden Plough Tavern and the neighboring Gates House as ‘restoration of two of York’s most outstanding buildings.’ And that they are. The York County, Pa., Heritage Trust plans a 50th anniversary celebration of the complex on May 16-17. These images come from the hand of artist Cliff Satterthwaite,