York Town Square

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Mount Wolf – The Town Archives

This little park is on the square of this neat York County, Pa. town. You might drive by it every day without thinking much about it. But it shows efforts to maintain community in a constantly changing county. This park sits on one of the corners of Manchester borough’s square. It’s the image that is tied to census information at YDR.com’s Census page. To find out about Manchester, check out: U.S. Census. Mount Wolf’s on there, too.

Here’s a mystery photo to locate. It’s a carving of a wolf, and it sits on public display in a York County, Pa., town. Can you place it? (See answer below). Hint: Think about the animal in the carving.

The YDR’s Sonya Paclob was looking for stories in Mount Wolf, Pa., the other day. She saw the always interesting Mount Wolf theater, now the Mount Wolf Community Church. ‘Cool looking community church. Mt. Wolf Gospel Arts Theatre,’ Sonya wrote in on Twitter. The Southern Baptist Church’s website gives this interesting history of the theater – and the church