York Town Square

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Some month ago, Eric Krebs provided us with an aerial look at Jefferson’s Square at Christmas. He’s come through again, with two daylight views of the neat green area in the middle of this southwestern York County borough. In this phot, his camera is pointed from east to west. Below, he captures the square at a lower elevation, or at least with a stronger lens. The square was in the news recently after a longtime exhibit there – a World War I cannon – was restored and remounted in this green area.

John F. M. Wolfe, a student of York County aviation, told the story of this painting. The painting was hanging in Warner’s warehouse but was not at eye level. So a photographer got up in a forklift to get this eye-level picture. It appears in John Wolfe’s ‘Profiles of Aviation.’ So that’s the back story. Can you answer this quiz and those below?

Hard to believe. It’s been five years since the York County Vietnam Memorial went up at the York Expo Center. Here’s the Oct. 3, 2009, story on its public introduction to prove it: 2,000 witness unveiling of York County Vietnam Memorial. In this photo, workers prepare the memorial for its fifth anniversary observance in October. Chapter 1032 Vietnam Veterans of America is planning the event at the memorial, the work of York County sculptor, Lorann Jacobs.