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It’s been in the news that Prudential Bob Yost Homesale Services will change its name to Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Homesale Realty. This shows Bob Yost’s real estate office in the late 1960s in York, Pa.

YorkTownSquare tracks bad weather/bad geological days throughout York County’s history. We’ve covered floods and droughts and earthquakes and blizzards (see the result of such a heavy snow below). But not fog, up to now. With our hills and valleys and waterways, we have a share of those low-hanging clouds. Such as this week, when a fog advisory was in effect. Here, two people cross the Codorus Creek on the Princess Street Bridge.

A York Town Square post of a low-flying military plane gained more traffic than any other story in 2013. The plane circled the York-area sky on a busy Friday football night, capturing the attention of thousands of York countians. It then flew away. I put other military plane appearances – and crashes – in the post to give a sense of history.

This is just a striking photo by York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News’ photographer Jason Plotkin. Striking because it shows York County’s still-rich agricultural land. And informative because it indicates yet another alt-use of this land, apart from farming. This was the scene of the recent Cerebrun on Rexroth Farms in Conewago Township that taxed the body and mind.

Abraham Lincoln and his presidency is rightly remembered in this 150th season after his Gettysburg Address. But another proclamation 150 years ago helped shaped America today. His Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1863 established Thanksgiving as a national holiday, the last Thursday in November. President Franklin D. Roosevelt later established it as the fourth Thursday.

With all the well-deserved attention on Dedication Day observances at the National Cemetery in Gettysburg, it’s a due step to explore the nearby Evergreen cemetery as well. An Evening Sun story notes that people known to us from the Civil War era are buried there. ‘That list includes notable historic figures like Elizabeth Thorn who, while six months pregnant, buried 91 soldiers in the weeks following the Battle of Gettysburg; Jennie Wade, the only civilian killed in the battle; and John Burns, the only Gettysburg civilian to fight in the battle,’ the Hanover, Pa., newspaper reported. ‘Sam Cobean, a famous cartoonist known for his work in the New Yorker, Pittsburgh Steelers lineman Steve Corson, Hall of Fame baseball player Eddie Plank and poet Maryann Moore are among the buried.’ Of course, Evergreen is known because of its distinctive gatehouse seen in so many Gettysburg photos. And now it’s known for a soundtrack ‘Beyond the Gatehouse,’ which tells the cemetery’s story. The project’s mastermind is Brian Kennell, superintendent of Evergreen, seen here. So, Civil War students and visitors can now not only see the gatehouse, but also hear about it.

An Abraham Lincoln re-enactor does not speak, but listens in the Nov. 19 observance of the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Events linked to the 150th continue this week in Gettysburg, Pa.

Presidents are in the news this week. Nov. 19 is famously the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. That was 150 Nov. 19s ago. Here, a newspaper photograph shows candidate John F. Kennedy addressing a York Fair audience in September 1960. On Nov. 23, this coming Saturday, the world will observe the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Both men gained their presidencies 100 years apart. Both were assassinated in office, Lincoln the first and Kennedy, we hope, the last.