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Site places readers in the footsteps of the Civil War in York County and beyond

This illustration, from the York Daily Record/Sunday News and drawing from the title of the popular Civil War book, shows in broad brush the Confederate advance across York County in late June 1863. Wrightsville became the east-most point of the Confederate thrust. Scott Mingus’ “Flames Beyond Gettysburg” explores Gen. John B. Gordon’s Confederate raid to the Susquehanna River. He will address the Confederate advances through the county at 7 p.m. today at the York County Civil War Roundtable and at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Greater Dover Historical Society. Background posts: Signs point to York, ‘Prize of the Confederacy,’ and other York/Adams Civil War wonders and Poster highlights the life of a Civil War soldier and Pro/Con: Should York’s leaders have surrendered to the rebels?.

Scott Mingus is on the speaking trail telling the story of the Confederate invasion of York County as detailed in his recently released “Flames Beyond Gettysburg.”
And he’s doing some neat stuff on his blog, Cannonball, part of Yorkblog’s suite of history bloggers.
For example, it fuels one’s sense of discovery when you learn of a new place to explore or are reminded of something you’ve long wanted to check out… .

Mingus blogs about a visit to such a place, Mechanicsburg’s Civil War and More store.
He’s also embarked in a series: “In the footsteps of J.E.B. Stuart.” He follows Confederation cavalry Gen. Stuart’s path through York County through the examination of 1863 damage claims filed with the state. He provides information for readers to follow that path, too.
Mingus also monitors Gettysburg National Military Park events, including the release of a 2009 schedule of upcoming events at the destination point for everyone’s favorite excursion.
Mingus’ Cannonball blog site merits a click of your “add to favorites” key.