York Town Square

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Can you locate where this photograph of York City was taken?

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Many people are unfamiliar with this view of York City, seen in distance baking from the heatwave this week. But it’s popular on Sundays and on a certain holiday each year. Can you locate this scene? (Answer, with a second photo, is below.) Also of interest: Where in the world is Webb’s Hill?

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Leigh Hoffman resides at Messiah Village near Mechanicsburg.

But memories go back to a concert in York County about 60 years ago.

Famed pianist Roger Williams performed with the Spring Garden Band at William Penn High School in “1958.

“I played the bassoon at that time and got to know Roger. He just passed away two years ago or so … ,” Leigh wrote.

Williams and Leigh corresponded and Williams sent a photo of himselve just before he passed away.

“I was happy to know this great musician!” Leigh wrote.

If anyone else remembers that concert, contact Leigh or comment below.

Famous front pages

Famous front pages: York Daily Record/Sunday News staff members are using the social media tool ‘Tout’ to tell stories around the community. Buffy AndrewsC, in this instance, didn’t have to venture far. She shows famous front pages posted in a hallway at our West Manchester Township plant. Remember some of those moments?

Codorus Street: The second annual Codorus Street Reunion is set for Saturday, July 27 at Martin Luther King Park in York, Pennsylvania.  The event starts at noon and will end at 8 p.m.  At 11 a.m. on Sunday, July 28, the Codorus Street Reunion Committee is inviting all reunion participants for a worship service at Bethel A.M.E Church, 350 W. Princess Street.

Eric Kirkland said in a release: “The Codorus Street Reunion is an ancestral celebration of the past 93 years of black history and represents a significant part of culture in the City of York.  The reunion serves to commemorate the present and future aspirations of a new generation of blacks living in York.  Many of the original black families that moved from Bamberg, South Carolina to York around 1920 are still living and thriving here today.”

For details, contact Eric Kirkland.

Answer to above question
This view comes from the grounds of Cityview Community Church, northeast of York. That’s a favorite vantage point to watch Fourth of July fireworks. Judging from the line of vehicles existing its 1655 Roosevelt Ave. parking lot on Sundays, it’s also a popular place to attend church.