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Can you imagine a more tranquil place? Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff: Nov. 10, 2010

Henry Clark (1713-1797) and wife Elizabeth Underhill Clark, of Chester County arrived in York County’s Warrington Township where they built a saw mill in 1748. According to the photographer Dianne Bowders, the lumber for the original York Courthouse was sawn at their mill. Henry and Elizabeth were Quaker and members of Warrington Friends. This photo and other historical scenes can be viewed at “Your Photos.” Other photos by York Township’s tireless photog Dianne Bowders: York Valley Inn and Hotel Codorus and Dritt Mansion.

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John Loeper shared his memories of the dairy delivery man, the “milk man,” from the 1950s.
He commented on the post about home deliveries:
He also remembered the dry cleaner man who came by every week to pick up and delivery, the bread man from West York’s Fishel bakery, the guy who sold produce from his truck every Saturday and the beer distributor, who would deliver a case for his father every week and pick up the empties.
How cool was that? John Loeper asked… .

And Jo Ott weighed in, too:

“One of my parents’ favorite stories about me when I was little in Juniata Co. was when the Stegmaier beer truck would come down the street. I’d rush into the house and yell, “Hey mom, the beer man’s here.”

Note from reader: York resident Roy Flinchbaugh weighed in on a recent York Sunday News column about whether York countians would back Abraham Lincoln today, unlike their vote against him in 1860.
“I thought I’d mention that when I was in grade school in the ’30’s York’s elementary schools were segregated,” he wrote.
Aquilla Howard and Smallwood schools served the African American students.
“Only in Junior high School at 7th grade did I attend classes with kids of color. Not many present day Yorkers either remember or acknowledge that,” he wrote.
Forum the week, The Exchange: People are sharing their memories of The Yorktowne Hotel.

Terrence Downs re-enacted former Morarvian pastor-turned-industrialist S. Morgan Smith at a special service commemorating the 100th anniversary of renovations to York’s First Moravian Church. S. Morgan Smith was minister at the church in the 1860s. Downs has written a series about the J. Horace Rudy-produced stained-glass windows at First Moravian Church.
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