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Can anyone locate Rebecca at the Well? Linked in with neat York County history stuff, May 31, 2012

Other stuff below: Electric Map revisited/Sleeping porches help beat the heat

This is the old fountain in Penn Park, gone for years and reportedly in storage, according to June Lloyd’s recent York Sunday News column: The lost fountain of York’s youth. Here is a description from June’s piece: ‘According to news items of the time, the ground basin was 30 feet in diameter and it was four feet deep. In its center, a five-sided granite base held the ornamental standard supporting the first basin, which had a diameter of 10 feet. From there a second ornate standard held the top basin, from which rose a third decorative pedestal supporting a life-size woman, representing the Biblical “Rebecca at the Well.” Water jetted out “from scores of reeds at the sides and rear of the figure.” ‘ The fountain was sold in 1898 and is in private hands. There’s some thinking it’s in storage in York County. Here’s the questions: Can anyone locate it? And if so, should it be returned to Penn Park, as part of planned improvements? Also of interest: Penn Park town character Squire Braxton and other freedmen should be memorialized.

Neat stuff from all over …
Mandy Dyson from Britain continues the search for her grandmother, who emigrated to York about 50 years ago. She died in 2001.

“Her name was Elsie Miriam Sculpher but she also went by the name of Elsie Miriam Dyson. We don’t know
which she’ll have used over there,” Mandy wrote.

If you can help, contact Mandy at: trundlecat@googlemail.com

The Electric Map, updated: The Associated Press wrote through the status of the old Electric Map, the site that fascinated – or bored – thousands and thousands of visitors to Gettysburg for decades. It’s now in storage, and officials are deciding its fate.

History around the county: The York Daily Record’s community site, www.inyork.com/community, features a whirlwind tour of historical societies around York County.

Recommended blog post: Check out Cannonball post Susquehanna and Tidewater canal served eastern York County.

Forum of the day: The street rods are coming, continuing a tradition started in 1981. People love to watch them. Businesses cater to them. Others dislike the congestion, the noise and the lines in restaurants. Which camp are you in or are you somewhere in between?

sleepingThe sleeping porch is restored a 326 E. Market St. in York. These were popular before the day of air conditioning.
About 50 years ago, this residence at 326 E. Market St. was in sad shape. Now, it’s an award-winning remodeled home, courtesy of Historic York. See more about this home, one of five buildings recognized by Historic York.

*Photo courtesy York County Heritage Trust