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Olympic gold medalist Scott Strausbaugh another Dover product

This Associated Press photograph shows Dover’s Scott Strausbaugh, front, and Joe Jacobi of Bethesda, Md., in their successful quest for a gold medal in men’s canoeing whitewater doubles in 1992 Olympic competition in Seu d’Urbell Spain. Strausbaugh is another successful Dover-area product. Background posts: ‘The Edison of Cumberland Valley’ and Dover’s uneven history runs deep into well-tilled German soil.
In covering celebs hailing from Dover in a previous post, Scott Strausbaugh is on the list as a pride of the community.
Strausbaugh was an Olympic gold medalist just 15 years ago, the fifth canoeing and kayaking medal won by Americans in that competition up to that point.
Here were some comments by and about the canoeist, a 1981 Dover Area High School grad, at that time:

David and Pat Strausbaugh welcomed their Olympic gold medal-winning son home to Dover in August 1992. Before Strausbaugh, the last athlete with York links to Olympic medals was Lee James, who won a silver medial in 1976. The last county native to participate was Linda Myers, who took fifth in archery in 1972 and seventh in 1976, according to the York Daily Record.
– “We knew if we went out there and had the best race we knew we were capable of, we would be in the medals. We never dreamed of a gold.” – Scott Strausbaugh.
– “The people I’ve talked to so far are just tickled to death. The old-timers of the club that remember Scott paddle as a kid are all very proud.” – George Figdore, co-founder of the Conewago Canoe Club.
– “He was always very dedicated in what he did. Naturally, I’m just completedly overwhelmed that he won a gold medal.” – Harry Little, former Dover Area High School phyical education teacher.
– “He’s just one of those all-around good students that you knew was going to do well someday somewhere.” – George Zimmerman, former Dover swimming coach.
– “I always knew he had it in him.” – David Strausbaugh, Scott’s father.
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