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This is the season when Bury’s World Famous Hamburgers reigns as burger king

I don’t know what to make of the secrecy behind the Bury’s World Famous Hamburger recipe.
My wife used a published recipe for that famous tomato-based sauce over the weekend, and the burgers were as good, actually better, than those patties in a bun whipped up each September at the two competing stands at the York Fair… .

Joe Bury used his secret recipe at his immensely popular chain that operated around York County for decades until the 1980s. That chain declined as national fast-food restaurants increasingly flowed into the county.
Since then, the best public opportunity to enjoy Bury’s burgers are those stands at York Fair. Ask those fair operators for the recipes, and you’ll receive a polite, but firm, no.
Indeed, I’ve put forth the idea that one or both York Fair standholders could serve their fare at the Oyster Festival and other public events during the year.
But the recipe – or what is darn close to that secret recipe – is public and serves as a business opportunity for some entrepreneur. I mean, how often do you see burgers on a menu served up with a slathering of tasty tomato sauce and topped off with a sweet onion slice. If you’ve never had that opportunity and don’t want to experiment at home, stop by one of the Bury’s stands at the fair.
Some critics of the published recipes say an important ingredient is missing. Well, it might be important, but my taste buds can’t locate it.
Anyway, others beside my wife are cooking Bury’s burgers at home using their own or one of the published recipes.
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