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Bury’s burgers slathered with that red sauce: It is its own thing

The printing on this photograph shows the consumption of Bury’s Famous Hamburgers at the York Fair circa 1940. Bury’s burger stands remain a staple of the York Fair. In fact, there’ s a new Bury’s stand this year. Also of interest: This is the season when Bury’s World Famous Hamburgers reigns as burger king.

So someone in the York Daily Record/Sunday News newsroom was explaining the tomato-sauce covered Bury’s burgers, that iconic proto-McDonald’s delicacy of York County origin.

The topic came up because a new York Fair stand is offering the famous burger, not far from a longstanding booth. Meanwhile, another Bury’s stand was a no show this year, denying fairgoers the choice of three locales to purchase this unusual offering.

One staff member asked if it was like a flat meatball, considering that red sauce and all.

A veteran in the Bury’s camp nixed that notion.

“It is its own thing,” the vet said.

York Daily Record/Sunday News columnist Mike Argento wrote about the fair’s two stands in his piece: The tangled tale of burgers in sauce.

You’ll have to read Mike’s column to get his review of the competing burger stands and their tomato slathered patties.

But Mike offered this piece of general counsel:

“The one thing I will say about both of them: No matter which one you get, make sure to get plenty of napkins. You’ll need them.”


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