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Murals of York, Pa.: 3 views and some news about these deteriorating, outdoor paintings


Good news here. This vandalized panel in the Murals of York series will be rehabbed. Its cleanup offered an opportunity for an artist to make a mark on the community, and a York, Pa., Daily Record story says someone has stepped forward to do the work at a cost of $300. Still this West Market Street mural, featuring a Pullman automobile made in York sometime before 1917, has deeper structural problems – the background stucco is falling off. This is a definite candidate for the adopt-a-mural program (see below). Also of interest: When a Pullman became a seesaw … .


Two more items about the Murals of York … .



The YDR story that told us about the Pullman mural cleanup also updated the status of the Community Contributors mural on the side of the Yorktowne Hotel. Rotary is putting forth a new design, and the project is expected to be completed in the fall. Work on this mural is a major part of the club ‘s 100th anniversary observance.  Here’s how Community Contributors appears now. A revised, new design has yet to be unveiled. Here’s an earlier new design. The long and short about the murals is that they were not design to last forever. But they are considered such a community asset that now that they’ve been up 15-20 years, some people want to keep them up. 


The York County Heritage Trust, owner of the Murals of York, is looking for businesses and individuals to adopt the panels. Rotary is the first partner. Perhaps the York Fair is another candidate to adopt a mural. The York Fair is observing the 250th year since the annual event was chartered. Meanwhile, the mural, on the side of the East Market Street parking garage, is fading into the background. The mural is noteworthy for, among other things, the fact that it is the widest of the 18 large-scale Murals of York. This multi-panel mural is 120 feet wide. Check out: This York Mural is fading from view.

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