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Obscure WeCo plaque reflects early days of York City’s development rebirth

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This plaque, affixed to this 234 W. Market St.  building  in York, Pa.’s WeCo district, hangs there in plain sight. And it details the life and accomplishments of high school dropout Sheldon Lloyd, a man of many gifts, including those of a preservationist. There are two points to be made about this plaque that observes the life and 2002 death of Lloyd. First, Lloyd’s efforts to rehab this building, right beside the historic Codorus Hotel, were part of an early buildup toward the extensive restoration work underway around the city today. The second point is the presence of the plaque itself, a best practice that could be extended to other notable buildings in the city. This discussion on the Fixing York Facebook page surrounds the idea of marking significant buildings with stories about their past. And below, learn a bit more about Sheldon Lloyd. Also of interest: Former Hupmobile dealership in WeCo district, now in Royal hands.


Excerpts from this May 19, 2002 editorial tell more about Sheldon Lloyd: ‘Next door to a beautifully renovated Hotel Codorus on West Market Street sits an empty, dilapidated building that Lloyd hoped to turn into a juice bar by the end of this year. Mr. Lloyd, a preservationist and restoration expert, had big dreams for 234 W. Market St. – a 1,000-square-foot retail store that might sell automotive memorabilia, two apartments on the second and third floors, and a 1,000-square- foot juice bar. But Mr. Lloyd’s vision faded a week and a half ago when cancer swiftly stole him away. Mr. Lloyd was, indeed, part of a bigger picture of renovation and redevelopment in the City of York that is slowly adding more life and more excitement to the downtown. New buildings are going up, and some old ones are being rehabilitated. This year and next, much of that renewal will still be going on. In the meantime, Mayor John Brenner’s goals need to be geared toward filling in the holes in what could be bustling areas downtown. “Our vision is to see no vacant buildings and a lot of people walking the streets of York,” said Eugene DePasquale, York’s economic development director. Take a stroll from construction area to construction area, and you’ll see what Mr. DePasquale means.’


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Interesting query in my email bin, the other day:

“Mickie Singer is organizing Mayfly Festival – a spoof of sorts regarding the problems the mayflies have caused Columbia and Wrightsvile.

“The YDR’s Mike Argento wrote a piece on this.

“Am wondering if there have been problems with mayflies in the past?  Did they interfere with commerce or military movements?

“If anything sticks out, please share.

I’m not aware of this pesky piece of history, but if you know, please comment below.

YorkTownSquare is always on the lookout for coffee shops in the region. That’s, in part, where these daily blog posts get done. Here’s one of the best, Cafe Chocolate, Lititz.


Another email exchange with a reader (seriously):

Query: “I damaged the third drawer of this file over the weekend in the garage by accelerating rather than backing up and am unable to open it. Have you any suggestions?

“Thanks for any help you can offer.”

Me: (The emailer’s name), “so sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are well after all this.

“I’d suggest you email (York Safe & Lock expert) Fred Beihl, who is an expert on York Safes.

“His email address is: fredcbeihl@gmail.com.

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“I think you’ll find him to be helpful!”

The emailer: “Thank you for your reply. Fortunately, I have a ‘magician’ of a handyman who took care of my problem.”

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