York Town Square

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Building No. 11 in Springettsbury Township. What was it then and what is it now?

This aerial view shows the York County Shopping Center in the late 1950s. Check out building No. 11, still standing today. What was it built for originally? And what is it used for now? For a key to the identity of all the buildings, see: Just try to resist studying this memory-tugging Sears photograph. (See another aerial view and a contemporary view of its interior below). Background posts: Before Geno’s made news in Philly, Gino’s headlined in York, Bury’s memories far from buried and Sears, York County Shopping Center in the middle of things.

Chris Mudd has transformed the old York Whitehull Airport Building, later known as Valley Canvas, into a new office/warehouse – Office Furniture Today.

He’s decorated his business with airplane and airport themes, researching York County aviation history and collecting a circa 1946 propeller, model planes and World War II-era radios… .

 Office Furniture Today owner Owner Chris Mudd has decorated the old hangar’s  interior with antique airplane stuff, in keeping with its original construction. To see how the building’s exterior appears today, visit Office Furniture’s website.

“This building is part of York County history,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been assigned as a caretaker of history.”

Read the York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday New story on the building’s tranformation: Office Furniture Today markets local aviation history.


This photograph from a mid-20th-century York Chamber of Commerce publication shows York Valley Airways, later York Whitehull Airport. The old Valley Canvas building, then part of the airport at left, stands today. For the story explaining this photograph, see: Early York airport operator: ‘My planes will be new and with mufflers to silence them’

*Top photo courtesy of J. David Allen & Son Photography and from Buchart-Horn Inc./BASCO Associates’ files.

York County views from on the air:
Just try to resist studying this memory-tugging photograph
Just try to resist this memory-tugging photo of North York’s White Oak Park
Just try to resist this memory-tugging aerial photograph of York Whitehull Airport and York Valley Inn and Playland and …
So, can you find long-gone Springwood Park in this aerial photograph?
Camp Security area of Springettsbury Township from the air
Columbia-Wrightsville Susquehanna River bridges from the air.
Just try to resist this memory-tugging photograph of northwest York, Pa.
Just try to resist this memory-tugging aerial photograph of York’s Roosevelt Avenue Airport.
Memorial Stadium, now Bob Hoffman Stadium, built to keep professional baseball in York..