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In quiet Dallastown, Pa., check out these signs of change

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From the left, Tom Ryan, his wife Aree and son Satapawn, age 4, dig into the sample dishes after offering up the dishes for the photographer to shoot at Krua Thai Cafe at 45 East Main Street in Dallastown, Wednesday July 8, 2015. A vault from the former bank is in the dining room.  Paul Kuehnel - York Daily Record/ Sunday News

The opening of the Krua Thai Cafe signals change in Dallastown. First, it’s a productive reuse of an older building – a former bank building. Notice the neat effect of the vault in the background. The exit of the bank from Dallastown several years ago was lamented by some.  It was then Dallastown’s only bank. Further, this is probably the first exclusively Thai cuisine to be offered from an eatery in the borough, showing the changing tastes of a changing population in Dallastown and in that southeastern York County region that was historically Pennsylvania Dutch. (See a picture of the cafe’s exterior below and additional photos in this gallery). Also of interest: Basket making and cigar rolling helped put Dallastown on the map.


Krua Thai Cafe at 45 East Main Street in Dallastown is in a former bank building.  Paul Kuehnel - York Daily Record/ Sunday News

Dallastown’s main street – Route 74 – has a couple of Italian restaurants and a Roburritos, whose name suggests the content of its menu. For more about Dallastown’s population, check out this U.S. Census map. And check out this Middletown restaurant that also operates from an old bank building.

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A commenter on a York Peppermint Pattie story on this blog raises an interesting question about the candy invented in York and now made in Mexico.

Mark Galloway wrote:

‘During the late 1950s I bought a York Whipped Cream Pattie. It was in a gold colored wrapper. Milk chocolate outside with whipped cream tasting center. No one else has ever heard of this. I am not crazy, I do remember correctly. I have written to York but no reply. It was the same size and shape as the peppermint one. Ever heard of this? Thanks for any info.’

If you can help Mark, please comment below or on the peppermint pattie story.


A newspaper ad touts the Valencia during its heyday. Courtesy 'Never To Be Forgotten'
A newspaper ad touts the Valencia during its heyday. Courtesy ‘Never To Be Forgotten’


Over at the Fixing York Facebook page, there’ a  discussion about a Frank Sinata tribute show at York Little Theatre in December. That caused me to call up this clipping from a local newspaper about Sinatra’s visit to York with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra at the beginning of the singer’s career. They performed at the Valencia in York.










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