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Brodbecks Stone Church isn’t made of stone: Traditions linger in York County, Pa.

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Picturing History profiles Brodbecks’ St. Jacob’s (Stone) Church, whose name indicates that traditions sometimes die hard in York County, Pa. ‘Although widely known as Stone church, there hasn’t been a stone church on the property since 1855,’ Charles H. Glatfelter wrote in ‘York County Lutherans.’ Glatfelter gave other facts about the church, from which we can draw lessons. The building shows the thriftiness of York countians in southwestern York County. Members of the Lutheran and United Church of Christ operated the building jointly – as a union church until recently. Also, this building was not dedicated until 1894, five years after it was built. That showed its members so deplored debt that they held off its dedication and, indeed, paid off this fine country church building in five years. Also of interest: St. Paul’s (Dub’s) Church stands as York County’s last union church.

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Felton’s Richard Chandler Hoff says this about his 2013 book of drawings: ‘My love of history center on life in America during the 1940s. In particular, life on the home front during WWII. As an artist, I seeek to depict the essence of that time. My drawings, however, illustrate events that never occurred with people who never met. A parallel universe existing only in my imagination.’ His work will be displayed at Marketview Arts, 37 W. Philadelphia St., York, from Aug. 1 to Sept. 2.

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