York Town Square

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Broadway in Hanover: Then & Now. With snow & without

Just in time for tonight’s anticipated blizzard, here’s another in the Evening Sun’s then-and-now scenes of Hanover: Picturing History. This is Broadway in Hanover, 1902 v. today. Those snow piles would point to a pretty big storm at the turn of the last century. As for Picturing History, journalism Christine Loman writes: ‘The question behind this project is simple: What does change look like?’ She and Evening Sun photographer Shane Dunlap have shown us just that. Check out the Evening Sun’s site for an explanation about how Christine and Shane deployed a special sliding tool to show the before and after scene. Also of interest: Picturing History at Hanover Hospital: the old and the new.

Neat stuff from all over … .

I’ve been enjoyed Stephen H. Smith series on mills, particularly the little points coming out about the place of those sites in hamlets around York County. Or maybe we should say the play of hamlets that grew up around the mills.

Here’s one such description from a recent YorksPast post:

“These old landmarks were a focal point for an entire neighborhood. How well I remember our own mill, especially in winter time, when we had callers all day long, and in the evening the mill room was filled with neighbors who discussed anything and everything.”

Rich stuff.

Milestone: I just Tweeted my 3,000th on Twitter. The Tweet pointed to a Pottstown Mercury series about how the newspaper business is changing into a digital news business.

When covering storm damage at the Stewartstown Railroad station, the YDR received a special tour of the historic site.

Former cop passes away: Ron McCoy was riding in the armored car when York Police officer Henry Schaad was shot in 1969 , as York’s race riots raged. The former officer died this week. Here’s Mike Argento’s column about Ron McCoy.