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Bringing Glen Rock’s Great Depression-era CCC camp back to life

A Civilian Conservation Corps camp operated in Glen Rock between 1935 and 1942. The Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society and the Glen Rock American Legion is sponsoring a living history event. The demonstration is set for 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 16 at the Legion Post, 4035 Manchester St. The York Weekly Record previewed the event: ‘Hear about the history of the camp and the duties and life of the men who lived there; talk with reenactors Vance Sheffer and Jim Sanders, who will be dressed in period clothing; visit tents set up to represent living quarters, officer quarters and a mess tent; and see displays of items related to the camp.’ (See additional photos below.) Also of interest: Former Glen Rock CCC camp now on the map.

John Hufnagel, chair of the Glen Rock Historc Preservation Society is one of the most helpful, accessible historians in York County.

He does all he can to get out word about events in his community and,  when news finds its way there, he provides context. The recent demolition of the landmark smokestack in Foustown, near Glen Rock, is an example of that.

Another view of Glen Rock’s CCC camp.

It’s always helpful when a community organizes interesting events to profile its history. Glen Rock is good at that. The southern York County borough has come up with another one – a living history event telling about the CCC camp that operated in Glen Rock in the Great Depression.

Vincent Quinn was at the camp.

“He is the last survivor at least in this area from the Glen Rock CCC and is 94,” John wrote in an email. “We hope to get him to the encampment just to be a part of it.”

A recent York Weekly Record story, Memories of CCC camp in York County, tells about Vincent Quinn and the camp:

“Glenview Camp, Company 2318, Camp SCS-7, the only Civilian Conservation Corps camp in York County, was established in Glen Rock on June 26, 1935.

“Vincent Quinn, 94, came to the Glen Rock CCC Camp in 1937, from a camp in Montoursville.

” ‘I spent a year there before coming to Glen Rock. We did mostly forestry work there, we fed the deer and we caught copperheads and rattlesnakes for their venom for the hospitals,’ ” Quinn said.

The indefatigable Glen Rock historical group isn’t stopping after this CCC camp demo.

“We have some things in October which I will let you know about closer to the time,” John wrote.

A historical marker tells about this long-demolished site today. The Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society provided these photos of the camp.

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