York Town Square

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Art and history and a celebration of the Avenues at a York, Pa. funeral home

Henry Boulding Jr. became owner of his father’s mortuary business, seen in this photograph in 2002, on West Boundary Avenue in York, Pa., in 1995. His father started in the mortuary business in York, holding two funeral services in W. Russell Chapman’s longtime funeral home. Fifteen years later after Henry Boulding Jr. assumed ownership, his funeral business is operating in a Georgia Revival-style mansion in the Avenues neighborhood of York and playing host to an upcoming art and history exhibition. Also of interest: About pioneer W. Russell Chapman: ‘He was the swing vote … but he couldn’t be swayed’ and S. Morgan Smith and P.H. Glatfelter head list of York County industrial movers and shakers and Since its earliest years, Farquhar Park has represented a hilltop prize in York, Pa..

The Boulding Mortuary, located in a 1905 Georgian Revival mansion, will serve as the focal point for the annual “Diversity II, A Showcase of Artists, Authors and Historians” at 1-6 p.m., Sunday, July 25.
Last year, more than 350 visitors from inside and outside of The Avenues district of York City attended the free public event at the funeral home’s 471 Madison Avenue site… .

Boulding Mortuary’s Bob Wright said the works of artists Dane Tilghman, Jean Leaman, James Christian, Tanya M. Snyder, Jesse Ray Manning and Michael Walker will be among those exhibited.
“. . . (W)e have received a number of surprises lately,” Wright wrote, “that
will be presented at this year’s showcase.”
For more on Diversity II and the Avenues neighborhood, check out my York Sunday News column (7/18/10) : Strolling down the Avenues.