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Bomb group seeks York County native and Hollywood star Cameron Mitchell’s WWII info

Cameron Mitzell, better known as actor Cameron Mitchell, was York County born and raised.
In fact, people alive today remember him and his father, the Rev. C.M. Mitzell, who held pastorates in the county.
Well, an out-of-county resident is looking for some details about the “High Chaparall” star’s war record.
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Eddie Deerfield is editor of the 303rd Bomb Group (H) Association’s Hell’s Angels newsletter.
He writes:

“The obituaries for actor Cameron Mitchell, aka Cameron McDowell Mitzell, who was born and raised in Dallastown, say he served as a bombardier during World War II. Do any Daily Record articles identify the military unit in which he served, the combat theater, the missions he flew, etc.? I need any details for a newsletter I edit for my fellow World War II veterans. I flew 30 missions as a radio operator/gunner on B-17 bombers in the 8th Air Force. Appreciate any help. Our web site is www.303rdBG.com.”

If anyone has such knowledge, please contact Eddie via the Web site.
A previous York Town Square post tells about the actor’s visit to his home county in the late 1950s: Stand-in stole show in YLT’s “Inherit the Wind”