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Springetts again focal point of preservationist-versus-developer debate, Part II

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Another developer v. preservationist debate is playing out in (where else?) Springettsbury Township. Bloomingdale (seen here) and the Modernaire Motel are significant structures that could be demolished as part of the plans to build a shopping center at the Route 462/Mount Zion intersection. ‘The imposing Bloomingdale house is a juxtaposition of several styles, its footprint hearkens to times when estate houses like “Elmwood,” the Strickler Mansion and Vincent Keesey’s Italianate house at 1901 E. Market (both still standing) heralded the York to Wrightsville and Lancaster Turnpike,’ Robert S. Frey, Jr., Sally Cox Frey and Terry Downs wrote in a York, Pa., Daily Record guest column. So we have another case of developers saying their project means jobs and preservationists pointing to loss of quality of life. Township officials should – must – listen carefully to the preservationists’ points. These old places, indeed, matter. Also of interest: Springettsbury again focal point of preservationist-v.-developer debate.

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