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Best of yorktownsquare.com, 2007

This was the first graphic or photograph to appear with a York Town Square post, accompanying York Market House No. 5 – Carlisle Avenue Market, revisited in April 2006. Incidentally, that the present-day Dreamwrights building was built as a farmers market still surprises folks. Background posts: There were 5, count ’em, 5 York markets and Don’t know much about (York market) history?

The year 2007 saw visitors to this blog increase exponentially over the previous two years we’ve been posting.
We hope you are enjoying each day’s history lesson. The numbers, increased commenting and e-mails suggest you are.
A list of best, first and most popular posts at this blog follows:

First of about 750 posts, September 2005: Journalism goes back to the future.
Most recent post: Mattie Chapman, Legacies, Part IIII.
Most popular post, 2007: School violence struck York County in 1970.
Most popular post, 2006: The world’s loudest music without amplification from a non-musical instrument.
Approximate number of comments, since the start: 150.
Last ‘Comment:’ Posted on Hex murder compared to O.J.’s, Anna Nicole Smith’s cases. (Query wondered about tours of Hex house. Answer: See private owner’s Rickie Ebaugh’s Web site.
Most popular category in 2007: York Town Square archives (Contains all posts from the start).
Second most popular category in 2007: Local landmark archives.
Most popular “Letter from the editor,” York Sunday News column written by this blogger: Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and history. (For additional York Sunday News columns, see historical perspective at: http://www.ydr.com/history).