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Best of Gettysburg 150 photo, story coverage


This Gettysburg 150 photograph received more than 500 likes on the York Daily Record’s Facebook page. What’s not to like? Here was the FB question: “Re-enactor Patrick McCarthy gets down on one knee as he asks his girlfriend Anna Jennings to marry him at the Gettysburg 150th celebration today. Wanna guess what she said?” To read more, check out:  After battle, re-enactor proposes to Civil War seamstress. So this will go down as one of the most interesting photographs from Gettysburg 150. Also of interest: Check out other Jason Plotkin photos from the first Gettysburg re-enactment.

Check out these “best of” links to Gettysburg coverage :

1.  This slide show highlights 20 other photographs from the “The Devils to Pay” and “Crossroads of Destiny” re-enactments underway.

2. Yorkblogger Scott Mingus has embarked on an intriguing series: Did you know 150 Civil War facts about York County, Pa.?

3. Social media guru Buffy Andrews has been aggregating all kinds of Gettysburg 150 coverage. Check out her Gettysburg 150 slideshows, including this collection of American flags from the cameras of visitors.

4. This is a fast read about July 4 Gettysburg 150 activities and check out this live coverage of July 5 Gettyburg coverage.

 WALK0704-L5. Pickett’s Charge commemorative march in Gettysburg, which attracted thousands of participants – was captured in this slideshow.