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Bells on Seminary Ridge will be heard across Gettysburg Battlefield

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Every time you go to Gettysburg, there’s something new to see. In this case, to see and hear. These 1869-vintage bells have a new home of Seminary Ridge. ‘Intended to memorialize soldiers who have fought worldwide and missionaries who have spread the Gospel in peace, it is fitting that the bells are in front of the (Lutheran Theological) seminary’s Church of the Abiding Presence, reaching out to the fields that hosted the bloodiest battle fought on American soil,’ the Evening Sun in Hanover reported in: Seminary Bells ring for soldiers, missionaries. So you might hear them before you see them. When they ring, they’ll be heard across the battlefield. You also get a closeup look at the size and weight of the bells that are suspended in steeples across the land. According to the Evening Sun, they weight in at 600, 1,100 and 1,600 pounds. Also of interest: ‘Old Dorm,’ Gettysburg’s Schmucker Hall, at sunrise.

The Evening Sun in Hanover has collected the best of 151st anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg photos and stories so far.

And there’s a lot to come yet: Check out: 151st. If you’re looking for things to do around York County this weekend, here’s a really nice lineup: July 4.

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Fighting man applauded

The York Daily Record weighed in with a 4th of July editorial on the successful recognition of a black Civil War who was slain in the Battle of Wrightsville: Wrightsville memorial to Civil War militiaman rights a historic wrong . He is memorialized at Mount Pisgah Cemetery in Wrightsville.

Trail to Monocacy: Civil War observances go well beyond Gettysburg this weekend. Such as in Monocacy, in Maryland, where this group of reenactors for the 87th Pennsylvania are involved.  That unit was made up of many York/Adams men.

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