York Town Square

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Add obscure marker to list of things to see in Glen Rock

A member of the Red Lion-Felton Band shows a Roland Seitz composition, part of the group’s playlist, in 2006. Background posts: Parade Music Prince Roland Seitz: From Shrewsbury to Friday Night Lights, Spring Garden Band: ‘It’s like being in a room with history’, Glen Rock Mill Inn: ‘They are happy to see it open again’.

The small community museum is just inside the building housing the library in Glen Rock.

But an easily overlooked treasure stands outside as well… .

A small marker observes Glen Rock son Roland F. Seitz, high up on the list of American composers of parade music and marches.
It’s a small monument, resembling a tombstone, courtesy of the Glen Rock Band, 1960.
It states: “By his genius of composing intricate, beautiful and stirring marches, he has earned the title of parade music prince.”
The marker is just one of those unsung sites around York County. (Visit this blog’s Unsung/obscure sites category for others.)
One could spend some time in Glen Rock, either in a car or on bike, visiting: an old CCC camp site, the rocks that give the town it’s name, the mill that the town grew around, and the remains of Foustown, a town shaped around a distillery.

Updating: The Glen Rock museum was moved in 2011 to the upper floor of the Peoples Bank building. In the library’s hallway – former home of the museum – old pictures still hang on the walls and artifacts are on display in some cases. Check out the new museum: Glen Rock Historical Preservation Society.